New Bidder Registration Form

Bidders not known to us must furnish references deemed satisfactory to Sonny Henry’s Auction Service or deposit a sum equal to 25% of the bids submitted. The sum will be applied to the successful bid. Bidders who have not established credit with the Auctioneer must either furnish satisfactory credit information (including two collectibles-related business references) well in advance of the Auction or supply valid credit card information. All Bidders must be Registered When not known by the Auction Company, Purchases will be held until Check, Money Order etc. clears the Bank, & it will be shipped.

Forms for Printing

Please print/sign/return the Bidder Registration form, and Terms & Conditions.
(The bid sheet is provided for your convenience)

New Bidder Registration Form



I have read and agree to all terms and conditions of Sonny Henry’s Auction Service, both in the Catalog and on the Internet.