Auctioneer’s Comments

Once again this was a very exciting Auction. Internet Bidding Was Included in this Auction. It went very well. Bidders Should Always put there Max Bid in ahead of time, in case the Internet has Problems.I want to thank everybody for  making these Auctions a Success, because without you it wouldn’t be. This one had alot of original material. Illinois & Iowa  Collections was  Included in This Auction & Others.  This Sale had a lot of fresh material that has not been on the market for years. The August 19, 2017 Auction was well attended with nice PQ Material bringing High Prices. Rare and Eye Appeal Coins were Bringing Higher Prices &  seemed to be the leaders. Morgan Dollars, Walking Liberty Half Dollars, & Early Type  seemed to be the Leaders Also.  This Auction was very successful, & very lively bidding, with over 90 numismatist attended, Several Coin Clubs were Represented Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, & lot of Mail Bids. This was a very Positive Auction no matter what the economy is doing. Take alook under the heading prices highlights from the last auction. Lots of high end coins got high prices.  We have buyers from as far as 9 hours drive, coming from Kansas, Ohio, Indiana, Arkansas, Missouri,Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin. Most all repeat Buisness. Lots of fresh material in this auction. In this Auction is an:

2008 American Buffalo Proof 4 Coin Set in Original Box

4-Piece Type Set 1873 $20 VF/XF 1881 $10 Au 55 1881 $5 Au 55 1873 $2 ½ Au 55

1911-D $ 2 ½ Indian Gold “Strong D” PCGS Au 53

1912-S $10 Indian Gold Bu

Complete set Liberty Head (Barber) Halves 1892-1915. The overall grade is.typical w/a few AG coins & some VG. Greysheetbid on complete set is $2100

1879 3 Cent Nickel PCGS Proof 66 CAC A Beautiful Gem with lots of Eye Appeal

1903 Barber Quarter PCGS Proof 65 A Beautiful Gem

1872 Seated Quarter PCGS Proof 64 A Beautiful Gem With Dark Sea Blue & Violet Toneing

1855 Arr Seated Quarter PCGS MS 63 Lusterous With Light Steel Gray Toneing

1902 Barber Half Dollar PCGS Proof 64 CAC Nice Gem

1873 “No Arrows, Closed 3” Seated Half Dollar PCGS MS 63. Lusterous

1875-S Trade Dollar PCGS MS 63 Lusterous with Light Golden Brown & Violet Toning, Nice Eye Appeal.

1923-S Walking Liberty Anacs Au 53 Details “cleaned” Grey Sheet $1,250,00 in Au & $2,200.00 In Au 58

Coins with Lots of Eye Appeal, & Exceptional for the Grade is Selling Well in the Auction.

This Auction is loaded with lots of Certified coins that are PQ for the grade, and some could have made
the next grade. Most with lots of eye appeal, and Gem blazers. As I have always said, if you look at
a coin, and if it has that awesome look and eye appeal, and says take me home. you have found a
gem. If you can attend this auction in person, please try to attend, so you can see for yourself the
Quality that is in this Auction. At this auction we try mention if a coin has been cleaned, damaged,
hairlines, porosity, nicks, scratches, dents, or anything that takes away from the originality of the
coin. we also try to make this auction a fun time for all.once again top quality eye appeal, and
lusterous coins are very difficult to obtain. Happy Numismatic hunting.
Authorized Submitter for PCGS,NGC, Anacs , CAC, Single Coin & Bulk Submissions Available.
Specializing Since 1986, over 24 years of ANA Summer Seminar Education.
Also Offering Educational Numismatic Seminars.

Just give us a Call at 815-539- 6300.
Sonny Henry
Sonny Henry’s Auction Service

Just give us a Call at 815-539- 6300.
Sonny Henry
Sonny Henry’s Auction Service

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